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    The Dads team were invited on set for a publicity photo and to meet the SEC Game Day commentators.
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    Dad serving his favorite cheese spreads at the Lexington Farmer's Market.
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Welcome to Dad’s Favorites


Because Dad’s customers asked for it and because Dad loves to cook, our Dad’s Favorites Deli was born – serving fabulous unique and hearty sandwiches, made on the spot and featuring all of Dad’s Favorites Cheese Spreads, handed to you by “Dad” himself!

Distinctively DIFFERENT:

Dad’s Favorites Cheese Spreads offer a wide variety of distinct flavors unlike anything else on the market, made from the finest, freshest ingredients.

Distinctively FLAVORED:

Our cheese spread flavors always get a ‘Wow!’ because we use:

  • Top shelf cheeses
  • A perfect balance of spices
  • Interesting flavor combinations
  • Bold pepper flavors without too much heat

Distinctively TEXTURED:

We leave our cheese textured – it is freshly shredded right off the block – and customers can see as well as taste the difference. This makes our spreads perfect for use in recipes as well as spread on crackers as your favorite snack.

Distinctively ADDICTING:

Dad’s Favorites has a loyal following. Used as a spread or in recipes, Dad’s customers always come back for more! You can pick up our product at groceries, shops, liquor stores, at Farmers Markets or at our shop and Dad’s Deli in Gardenside.